Crimson Butters


Crimson Cheese Butter 11 different flavors – 8oz

Crimson Butter entails a proprietary blend of butter, cheeses, and other ingredients such as peppers and herbs. This, coupled with bread, steak or as an additional ingredient to a dish creates a delectable mouthfeel experience like no other. Crimson Cheese Butter showcases 11 different flavors and features only the highest quality cheeses cut straight from the block and freshest herbs and spices.

The Crimson Melt is an eclectic concept that was ignited inside a firehouse. As firefighters respond to emergencies during late-night shifts, Firefighters often come back to their firehouses both tired and hungry. They would always count on butter, cheese, and bread being in the kitchen due to all the shift dinners that were made. Thus, they would often turn to a quick grilled cheese sandwich to curb hunger pains – but not just any grilled cheese sandwich…a sandwich with a smorgasbord of whatever food items they could find in the shift fridge at the time. Thus, The Crimson Melt was born.



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