Unsung Hero

Unsung Hero’s Spotlight

The Crimson Melt Unsung Hero’s Spotlight recognizes citizens who’ve demonstrated a selfless dedication to go above and beyond to positively help someone from behind the scenes with a positive attitude, a willingness to help in whatever capacity necessary, and a commitment to excellence. There is NO limit to who can be nominated and there is also NO age limit. Teacher’s, first responders, military members, fellow neighbors, and citizens will all be considered. The selected winner will be awarded one free Crimson Melt meal, one Fully Engulfed Milkshake, and a voucher for a 6-inch cheesecake.

The candidate should be:

  • A dependable “go to” person who exhibits the core value of “Service Before Self” by showing the ability to go above and beyond to help an individual and who;
  • Exhibits the attitude and mindset of a “hero” by demonstrating integrity first and excellence in all that they do!

Please answer the following three questions (approximately four to ten sentences for each are fine). A great nomination will contain specific stories or examples about your candidate and will address in detail how the candidate meets the bulleted criteria above. Examples include but are not limited to community service, excellence in the workplace and contributions to society.

Submitting Your Nomination

Please submit your nomination by NO LATER THAN the 25th of each month, using the online form. Please note that only one submission for the same individual will be accepted per year.

If it’s not possible to nominate using our online submission form, you can submit your nomination via email to the [email protected], or in person at The Crimson Melt during business hours. Address: 2100 N. Eastern Ave, Suite 10, Moore, OK 73160

Before you submit your nomination, make sure you’ve answered all the questions on the nomination form completely. Please ensure that you’ve included updated contact information in the event we need to follow up with you. We will acknowledge receipt of your nomination after the form has been submitted, however, after your form has been submitted you will not receive follow-up communication unless your nominee is selected. We cannot accept incomplete or anonymous nominations.

  • Be specific when describing the contributions of the individual you are nominating. Point to real improvements and tangible impact, using multiple examples if you’d like.
  • Make sure you are responding to the questions posed on the form, not just providing a general description of work done by your candidate.
  • Nominations do not have to be long to be effective, but please provide enough background so that the impact of your nominee’s contributions is clear.
  • Take care to explain any technical terms and “insider jargon” in everyday language. It is also important to explain in detail any initiatives or projects mentioned so that the committee understands the nominee’s accomplishments fully.
  • Please don’t worry too much about your writing. In this case, it’s more about what you say, and less about how you say it. But do remember to keep it professional!

Any Questions?
If you find yourself unsure of how to move forward, you can send us an email at [email protected] or call 405-237-3566. We’re happy to help!

Submission of this nomination grants the Crimson Melt expressed permission to showcase the nominee on it's social media platforms and monthly newsletter if they are selected as a winner.


Who can submit a nomination?
All members of the community are welcome to submit a nomination.
You cannot nominate yourself for the award.

Yes, more than one person can submit a nomination for the same individual. We welcome the different perspectives that additional nominations can provide.

The Crimson Melt Unsung Heroes Spotlight welcomes re-submissions of non-winners. However, it is critical to the selection process that you reevaluate your past submission, being sure to bring any new and relevant accomplishments to light and ensuring that older information remains accurate.

The Unsung Heroes Spotlight doesn’t accept letters of support for nominees or additional statements above and beyond the information received as part of the nomination form.

The nomination period begins on the first day of each month and closes on the 25th day of each month with the winner being announced formally in the monthly newsletter. Winners will be contacted prior to the publishing of the monthly newsletter to receive their award and for a photo op.

If you have questions about how to nominate, please contact Crimson Melt management by emailing us at [email protected], or by calling us at 405-237-3566.

Paper nominations may be submitted in person at the Crimson Melt restaurant at 2100 N. Eastern Ave, Suite 10, Moore, OK 73160.

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